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Personal Loan

Get the money you need to reach your goals

Whether you take up a loan for yourself or your family,
for any home renovations or to purchase that big item you've always wanted.
Get a Personal Loan today

Choose your loan amount + term

Have the freedom to choose a loan up to 350 000MZN and pay it off over 1 - 60 months.
You can rest easy knowing that your repayment amount is the same each month and comes with a fixed interest rate that protects you from interest hikes.
Plus you can boost your eBucks Reward Level and get even more from FNB. Click on the apply button and do the things you need to today.

Great value from FNB

  • Personalised interest rate
  • Customer Protection Plan
  • Quick loan payout
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Customer Line
    +258 21 355 999


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