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Platinum Account

This is a cheque account for the affluent in society. Its aimed at high earners who do not want to be inconvenienced with queues and having to deal with tedious banking procedures. A dedicated personal banker caters to their needs and they have access to preferential rates and personalised customer service.

Target Market

All individuals who need a functional transactional account.
18 years or older.
Earning more than MZN 100,000 per month.


Documentation required

Valid Identity document
Proof of Residence
Proof of income, pay slip, bank statement etc.
Opening/ Minimum deposit of MZN 5,000.00

Current Account

Personalized FNB Chip and PIN Visa Platinum debit card.
Automatic subscription to Mobile banking.
Automatic subscription to Online Banking.
Free SMS notification for international transactions
SWIFT available on request.
1 Free monthly statement in the branch.
Transaction limits: ATM withdrawals MZN 25.000, POS purchases MZN 300,000, ATM transfers MZN 500,000 & Conta Movel MZN 20,000.
Cheque book

Value added services

Trocos: Save as little as MZN 100 or more daily, when you Swipe your card.
Paga la: Pay without a debit card on Ponto24 POS nationwide.
Conta Movel: Withdraw cash on Ponto24 ATM without a debit card nationwide with ewallet.
Manda Mola: Send money to any valid Mozambique cellular number.


Smart customers can only qualify for the following credit products:

Consumer loan
Personal loan
Home loan
Credit card


Smart customers can start saving their money today on:

Savings account
Conta Junior
Fixed term (30, 60, 90 and 360 days) deposits
Fixed term deposit of 2 years


Smart Customers get greater peace of mind by having simple access to:

Funeral Cover
3rd Party Motor
Full Motor
Credit Life
Mortgage Protection
House Owner


The following self-service options are available for Smart Accounts:

Online Banking
Mobile Banking

Customer Line
+258 21 355 999

e-mail: call.center@fnb.co.mz

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