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Debit Cards


Gold Business Account

Empower + protect

We'll give you a Gold Business cheque card
Debit order and recipient switching
Transact electronically anytime, anywhere

Platinum Business Account

Empower + grow

We'll give you a Platinum Business cheque card
Dedicated relationship manager to help manage your portfolio
Debit order and recipient switching
Access to FNB Domestic and International Lounges

Issue restricted functionality cheque cards

Empower your staff by issuing them with a limited-function cheque card with restricted functionality to protect your business information and funds in the account

Issue full-functionality cheque cards

Full-function cards can be issued and linked to the business's accounts allowing the card holder to withdraw cash, pay at point-of-sale devices, obtain balances/mini-statements at FNB ATMs and perform transfers between accounts

Transact electronically

You can easily make once-off and recurring transfers and payments as well as debit and stop orders using Online Banking for Business.

Business Overdraft

Don't be caught short on cash

The Business Overdraft facility is linked to your Business Account and provides the ability to make payments even when there are no cash funds available in your account, thus avoiding penalty fees and additional charges. You only pay for your overdraft, when you use it and there is no minimum monthly payment as long as you remain within the agreed limits.

Key features

Keep track of your business transactions electronically with email statements, delivered to your inbox for FREE.

Switching made easy
We will help you switch your recipients and debit orders.

Industry specific banking services
FNB has specialised products and services which are tailor-made to suit the banking needs of specific industries.

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