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ATM Solutions

Providing you with 24 hour banking convenience for your customers .

Get innovative solutions and an ongoing support system

We have the ability to customise solutions and innovative transactions and products
We have a wide variety of signage options to choose from
We have a dedicated team monitoring service recovery
We offer a 24/7 support desk for technical queries related to your device
We have a dedicated team monitoring service requests via multiple input streams
Our aim is to acknowledge complaints/queries within 2 hours of receipt, and resolve them within 48 hours*


Adding value to your customers' experience

Our products and services support the customers' needs and we continuously work on optimisation and innovations to enhance the customers' experience on an FNB ATM or self service device.
We develop a strong understanding of your unique business needs by analysing business intelligence data specific to your environment and identify opportunities to improve it
We work on understanding customers through research, usability studies and customer feedback
We monitor customers' perceptions and experience with our channel through customer care, social media and email
We proactively follow local and international trends to bring customers the best technology
FNB ATMs offer a personalised user interface through personalised product offers, personalised advertising and technologically advanced transactions such as pre-staged withdrawals


Customer Line
+258 21 355 999


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