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Ways to bank

Banking for your business

Running a business can be stressful. Managing your money shouldn't be. We offer a number of options to access your finances via Online Banking for Business, at our ATMs or a branch to get the job done.

Manage the needs of your business

Online Banking gives you additional features to help manage all the needs of your business. Set up multiple users and dual authorisations, use inContact Pro, manage collections, and bulk upload recipients and eFiling payments.
Customise your experience, starting with dual or single authorisation, account access, and receipt and payment management

A world of features

What you can do with Online Banking

Use our payment or collections import options to streamline your operations.
Fully secure banking using compulsory and voluntary functionalities.
Segregate permissions at account level for users.
Create Capturers, Authorisers or users that can do both.
Gain access to our free Instant Accounting, Instant Cashflow and Instant Invoicing products.

Convenient banking

It's like having your own FNB branch wherever you have access to the internet
Receive alerts from inContact Pro and OBE
Pay, transfer, trade and invest quickly and conveniently
View your accounts and balances online, anytime
Transfer funds between your accounts by simply going online
Make third-party payments whenever you need to
You can even apply for various FNB products online

Banking your business 24/7

Have your own FNB branch wherever you have access to the internet and manage your business's money 24/7.

Building your business

What you can do with Online Banking for Business
As a business banker
Do your banking whenever you choose
Payment notification sent via email
Use our FREE Instant Accounting, Instant Invoicing, Instant Cashflow and Instant Payroll tools.
Future-dating of payments up to 12 months in advance
Same day value for payments to other banks
Referencing for all transactions
Verify payment notification received from an online banking user
Find commonly used recipients using the Public List Search

Personal banking

Enjoy banking with a face-to-face interaction at any of our branches countrywide.
Visit us for financial advice, to open an account and to have documents validated.

Access to cash + so much more

Our national network of ATMs offers you cash withdrawal, account management and cardless services. Our ATM Advance machines also accept deposits.

Banking on the go

Withdraw cash
Access your accounts
Send and receive money to an eWallet
Draw cash without a card using our cardless services
Purchase airtime, electricity and data bundles
View or print available balances
Perform transfers and third party payments
Pay account recipients
Money Transfer
Change your PIN at any FNB ATM
Make deposits for cash and cheque at selected ATMs
Register for FNB Cellphone Banking

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