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Business Overdraft

Funds available immediately for your business

A convenient, short-term credit facility that is ideal for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

Get the cash flow you need to run your business

What the Business Overdraft offers
The facility is linked to your Business Account and provides the ability to make payments even when there are no cash funds available in your account, thus avoiding penalty fees and additional charges
No minimum monthly payment as long as you remain within the agreed limit
Payments into the overdraft facility make funds available for use again
Flexibility, as you can deal with unexpected expenses and capitalise on any opportunities
Monthly repayments are based on the amount of credit you used

Pay only for overdraft when you use it

The amount you qualify for, as well as the interest rate, will depend on your credit profile
The interest rate will be calculated for you, once your application has been submitted
Interest is charged monthly on your overdraft balance
Credit fees will be provided upon application

Customer Line
+258 21 355 999


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