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FNB Home Loan

If you are thinking of buying a new or used or even doing works,don't miss more time.

With the FNB homeloans you may choose with total freedom the type of housing you want to buy or make works for the benefit, expand or modernize your home.


  • Current Account / Salary account;
  • Valid Identity document;
  • Proof of income (salary advice);
  • Details of property to be financed;
  • Minimum 10% deposit, on the amount to be financed;
  • Monthly repayment should not exceed 30% of the individual or combined monthly income;
  • Benefits:

  • Atractive Interest Rate - The interest rates fluctuates as and when the prime lending rate changes;
  • Term - The loan amount may be repaid over a period of 5 to 20 years;
  • Loan Financing - Up to 80% of the total house cost;
  • Quick turnaround time - FNB has a qualified team to respond to your home loan in a short period;
  • Securities:

  • The house will be used as guarantee §Suretyship will be required
  • Customer Line
    +258 21 355 999


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