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Protect your identity

If you think that no one would be interested in your personal information, think again. In the wrong hands, it can provide unauthorized access to your accounts and debit card.

Identity theft happens when a criminal obtains your personal information to steal money from your accounts, open new credit accounts, apply for loans, rent apartments and commit other crimes - all using your identity. These acts can damage your credit, leave you with unwanted bills, and cause countless hours of frustration to clear your name.

Common forms of identity theft include:

Other scams:

What you should do if you are a victim of identity theft or account fraud:

  • The first thing to do, is notify your bank immediately;

  • FNB will work with you to make appropriate corrections of unauthorized transactions, and protect you from any future account fraud;

  • Contact your local police station to file a report. Give it to FNB for further investigation;

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